Monday, August 27, 2007


I would love to go on a real vacation. I haven't done that in ages. If I could go anywhere, where would it be? Who would go with me?

If I was taking my family I'd like to do a few different things. The first thing they HAVE to get in a plane and see the ocean. I can't believe my husband has never been to the ocean. It breaks my heart almost. Even in the middle of the country, I feel the ocean calling. I just want to go run in the ocean, feel the sand under my feet, squishing in my toes. Shoot, while we are at it, we could go to California and visit the redwoods, or go camping in Washington state. Beautiful country. It amazes me how some parts of this land are so pretty. Kansas is OK, but it's not all that pretty.

Another place I'd like to take my family is on a historical trip. Boston, Philadelphia, that sort of thing. I went to Boston over a year ago and it was so cool to see the history. Kansas is cool because it has very interesting Civil War history, especially Lawrence. But just the age of some of the buildings on the East Coast is amazing to me.

That leads to my other dream vacation. Ireland. Well, acutally, anywhere in the UK or the Republic of Ireland. Speaking of beauty and history. I would be there in a second if I had the money. I really would love to see some castles and stuff like that. If the kids didn't go, I'd so go check out some of the haunted stuff. I hear they have tours and such.

With no kids, I would pick New York City. I fell in love with that place when I visited for work. There is so much to do and see. I would love to take my husband to NYC. I think he'd love it too.

Another thing I want to do is to tour the country and ride all the roller coasters I can. I love roller coasters. Would I take my kids? Doubtful. Both of them have been crazy scared of things lately. Who knows. They may grow up by the time I get rich enough for this trip though!

Monday, August 20, 2007


The kids are at school. The husband is at work. NOW WHAT? I'm currently cleaning off my desk. You see, I have a horrible habit of putting things on my desk that have no business on a desk. I also got a new monitor, but there is NO way that thing will be on this desk at this rate. SO, here I sit with a trash can next to me. Of course this leads to distraction. I started writing this about 20 minutes ago. I got side tracked by the Garbage Pail Kids on my desk. Then I had to google them. Then add to it odd things on my desk. So far, the weirdest is 2 Christmas ornaments. What month is this? I'm sure it's not December!

The cool part of being here alone. No tv. Now don't get me wrong, I like to watch tv, but sometimes I would love for it to not be on. In fact, I have the winamp going and only have to listen to what I want. Oh, yeah, Mondays will be good for that. Right now, Black Flag is playing and I don't have to listen to the tv over powering it and I don't have to hear anyone else's music even louder.

But, the bad part. If you have ventured over to my other blog, the one about the kids' sports and stuff, you know that I love to run the kids around. I don't have anything to do today. NOTHING. And oddly, there are no activities tonight either.

If I find anything else cool on my desk, I'll edit this. But, before I hit "publish post, I've got a Ryne Sandberg card and a Danny Manning card on this side of the desk. Now we head to side two.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I should have posted yesterday

At the very least I post on Mondays because I don't work and it's my down time. Well, it's the LAST Monday before school starts. Well, we have a tradition at our house called donut Monday. We head to the gas station and buy some krispy kremes. Well, my son, being the brainiac he his all of a sudden has figured out days and has a sense of time. He asked to go to "donut Monday". How could I refuse, it's his last Monday home for a LONG TIME! I still can't believe my youngest child starts school this week!

After we eat our donuts, we went to hobby lobby to make a return. I got $16.08 back. Then we head to Pet World. That is my favorite pet store. It's locally owned and sometimes costs more, but the animals are better and the staff is friendly. So, we got a few hamster things and some crickets for the chameleon. We start to leave (we'd been in the store over an hour). Amory decides he wants a new hamster (you may remember we've had bad luck with hamsters). Well, he had $16 left of his allowance, he now has a new hamster. This one is named Chocolate and it moved in with Corey's hamster Vanilla (she helped in the naming).

We finally leave, grab lunch and just chill out for a few minutes. Get a call that the kids are starting swim lessons. Get another call that it's canceled. Had a meeting for PTA. Left the kids here and they were asleep before I got back. Corey starts school tomorrow! Amory starts on Friday. Look out!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Stumble Upon

If you have firefox, you should have some cool add ons. I LOVE the FTP add on because it's free and it works well for uploading to my websites. Before I discovered the ease of the FTP transfer, I had to upload each individual smiley to a message board. Then, I figured out the FTP thing and it's so much easier. I also have an add-on called cool iris that lets you preview a link without ever leaving the page you are on. I use it a lot on myspace to see who is trying to add me. I also use it when reading a news article or a blog that has a link to another post that I want to see, but don't want to be bothered with the back button.

But, my favorite thing is stumble upon. I find sites that have tshirts from my childhood , cool swords, and a funny thing that tells you what you are. By the way, I'm a funky egg who likes to teach ringtails. It's cool because it gives you things in your interests. I get a lot of the same one my husband does (we must have similar interests). But, I also get stuff he doesn't like Drum Corps International. Anyway, if you have firefox (and you should) get stumble upon. It might up your bandwidth, but it's still cool.

Monday, August 6, 2007

The weekend

So, Saturday was busy. We found out a church was handing out backpacks with supplies to kids in K-6th. We went there and of course it was packed, but the kids got their backpacks. Amory wanted a character bag though, so he was happy to get stuff, but wanted a different bag. Since we saved money, I agreed, and he's giving his to a friend that has a bag that's all torn up. Anyway, it's his first year, he should have a bag he loves! He ended up getting a star wars backpack. He's all packed and ready.

After that, we had to take the dogs to the vet to get their stitches removed. Smokey, the bigger dog was NO problem. Flipped him over, snip, snip, done. Zeus, the min-pin, only had one stitch, but my goodness, that little shit was hard to hold down. Then, it turns out, when he was there for the surgery and boarding, they forgot to do his shots. So, we had that ordeal too.

We came home, and headed to target. My kids think that target is the pinnacle of fine dining. Seriously, they BEG to eat at target. So, we eat, and look at school supplies. There were a few things they didn't have in the bags. And, we picked up the star wars backpack. We thought about going to wal-mart too, but we went home. We did end up at walmart later and picked up the very last things for school supplies. Both kids also got binders even though they don't need them. But, they pay for those with their allowance. The mean mom that I am, I made Corey pay for her spirals too. I will pay the $.10 it costs for a plain one, but the $2 it costs for Corbin Bleu, she has to pay. She got a few plain and 3 "fancy" ones. She's happy.

Sunday, my mom took us school clothes shopping. I got Amory some converse all stars for $11. There was one pair and they were his size. I was NOT leaving them in the store. Anyway, we ate lunch at JR's place GREAT food. We got tons of stuff. Came home and relaxed. I did go to bed a bit early.

Today, we hope to run around downtown, but the darn kids won't wake up!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Friday, August 3, 2007


Another favorite food. Today is national Watermelon day. Heck I could eat a whole watermelon. I love it, but it gives me a sugar high if I eat that much, and it makes me pee. So hyper and have to potty. Maybe that's why I don't often buy it at home. I don't want those qualities in my kids.

Yesterday would have been my dad's birthday. He's still missed all these years later. Happy Birthday Dad! Something funny half related to my dad is that his name was John. (yeah that's not the funny part, everyone was named John). Well, my son's name is Amory John. So, the funny part is that Amory thinks every stuffed animal or hamster or whatever he gets should be named... John. He even wanted to name our dog John. Seriously, we chose the name Amory because we liked it and it was just different enough to not be too weird, and he LOVES the name John.