Monday, June 25, 2007

M is for MEME

Ok, so there is this blog ...and the pursuit of happiness and she had a cool meme so I decided to participate. The idea is the person gives you a letter. Ms. Sunshine gave me the letter M. Then you get to write about your ten favorite things beginning with that letter. If anyone one (of my other 2 readers) want to do it, let me know, I'll give you a letter and I promise not to pick something like X.

So, I get M mighty mighty M

1. Monday What's that you say? Yes Monday. I work 4 ten hour days. My day off is Monday! While most people are at work whining "I hate Monday." I'm usually at home chilling on the computer. Worst case, I have an appointment and have to go to that. This last semester, my husband switched to days so it was my son and I only. This school year, I may volunteer at the school more, because the evil one starts school all day. But, that's my choice!

2. message boards I'm so completely addicted to message boards. Well, it's not too bad any more. I go to blogs more. But, it's basically the same. I used to have a whole folder of message boards, now I spend most of my Monday on a birth month board that was from way back in October 2001. We started on ePregnancy and then that morphed in to geoparents. Then it went to sheKnows. It lost all semblance of what we liked and became a dictatorship. Plus, all the dads on there were NOT happy with the new name. Well, one group made a debate board that I was a part of for awhile (that split into another board that I am still half way a part of) and then we made our own birth month board. Recently I also made one for people who graduated with me. It's pretty slow, but we weren't a big class. But I check it a few times a day.

3. Music To me, music is so important. I love all music. Sticking the M theme is hard here as I love so much, but here are some M artists I like: me first and the gimme gimmes, Minor Threat, Glenn Miller, Miles Davis, Motley Crue (I know, but can't help liking them), Madball, Ministry, mudvayne, melvins, murphy's law, misfits, mix master mike, mr bungle, I'm sure there are more.

4. movies I love to watch movies. I refuse to strain my brain to think of all the M movies I like. But, I like movies. I don't like old old movies though. I just can't handle how hokey they are. I mean there are a few I like, but everyone raves about casa blanca and I just can't handle it.

5. Mail Well, good mail anyway. I like catalogs, packages, letters, and of course birthday cards with MONEY (I thought of using money as an M I like, but that's a given.) I don't like junk mail and bills though.

6. May The month? Not really. I mean the name. It's my last name now that I'm married. The month is OK, it's the last day of school, my husband's birthday, Memorial day, and Mother's day. But as a last name it's pretty good. My maiden name was Plummer so you get all those jokes. But, along with the name, you get the fact that I'm married to a great guy. I mean, he's awesome and he puts up with me. That's a good thing. I'm kinda annoying but then, so is he.

7. messy projects I like to make big messes at work. I work with 5 and 6 year olds. We love to make messes. We did the mentos thing. We made goo that was a sticky grossness. And, we are always gluing things and breaking things, and well, you get the idea. Oh, and mud puddles and water sprayers are always fun. I usually come home GRUBBY!

8. M&Ms Really, I like candy, but if you get down to it, I get m&ms the most often. I like plain. I'll occasionally eat peanut, but not often. I'm not a huge chocolate person, but I do eat quite a few m&ms.

9. Massachusetts Is that spelled right? yeah, I think it is. Ok, in fairness the only place I've been is Mass is Boston, but I loved it. We walked every where. I met a few of my online buddies for the first time, and had a bunch of fun. This would be a great place for a family vacation with all the history and stuff.

10. Motherhood Seriously, just being a mom is good. When your 5 year old walks in and says, "Mom, I need to borrow a peanut." And you say, "Borrow? Are you bringing it back?" Be prepared for the answer. He does plan on bringing it back. That smirk makes you think it's not a good idea. (He's planning to see what happens when you put in the nutcracker even though I told him those are for nuts with shells.)

honorable mention is Meme's (because sometimes I just have no idea what to write) and martial arts (because I like to watch my daughter's karate, and swords are cool.)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Star Wars

Ok, so we all know star wars rules. BUT now my 5 year old realizes it too. He is constantly playing star wars on playstation. He also has MAD lightsaber skills. He flies off the deck with his lightsaber with great flair.

I have no clue how many lightsabers we have in this house. Every time he gets money, he buys a new one. He has the "build your own" one that he made into darth maul's.

He's finally watching the movies a bit more. He still can't sit for a whole two hours, but he is getting more. But honestly, I watch them when he puts them on so it's not too bad. I'm still sad that I don't have the ORIGINAL star wars (not episode 4). I know it's been said before about the scene with Greedo and Han, but wow it sucks now. I have the version where they shoot at "nearly" the same time. It looks bad and took away from the original. Ok, enough rambling, but did you know there is a conspiracy theory page on the whole thing? Very interesting. And does it bother anyone other than me that people keep calling it "episode 4" or "a new hope"? I mean, it's STAR WARS, the next one is The Empire Strikes Back, and then finally Return of the Jedi. I know they said what episode it was on the words scrolling up even originally, but who cares?

Then to add to me being neurotic, I have toys that my son can not play with. He asks me all the time if I am ready to open my Boba Fett yet. I'm not. Poor mistreated kid. In fairness, I have let him play with some things, but he is DESTRUCTIVE.

Well, I won't babble on any more now.

Friday, June 22, 2007

writing for writing sake.

So, I had something I wanted to say, but no clue what it was.

Work was cool today. We did the mentos and soda thing (do you say soda, co' drink, pop, coke, soft drink, what?) Anyway, we had each kid bring in a 20oz soda. We guessed which would work the best, and then at the end I had a 2 liter of diet coke to do. I didn't tell them it was diet coke though; I peeled the wrapper off. Anyway, so interestingly Pibb Xtra worked the best out of the choices we had. I was surprised. I kept hearing that the diets worked best, but not in our lab tested experiments!! Anyway, so then I was trying to drop the mentos in the 2 liter. Well, I only got one in there and it shot into my face! The kids thought that was awesome. I thought it was sticky, but it was worth it. The funny part was that we were using a stick to measure and one of the boys asked what we would say if it went past the stick. We told him that it was a max. Well, why was that funny? His name was Max and he thought we made it up because he asked it. So all day he said that the diet coke was a Max. Gosh I love 5 year olds!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

ah kids

So, my dash light that illuminates my speedometer has been out for awhile. Well, I hit a pothole the other night. It came back on. When I got home, I parked with my tire on the curb slightly. It made the light pop off again. So, driving home last night, I tell the husband that I think something is loose in that side of the car. So he slaps the dash. The light flashes on. We were both impressed. He said, "Hey, I didn't think it would work. I'm the Fonz". So, in pops the boy from the back seat. "What's a Fonz?" Seriously, I laughed the rest of the way home.

Saturday, June 9, 2007


Well, nothing was going on yesterday. That's not usual around this place. Today we will be going to worlds of fun for lots of fun! Tomorrow we will be at CK's softball game. Sounds like a good weekend to me.

Saturday, June 2, 2007


Ok, so we are bad news to hamsters. Some time ago, we got our daughter (by we, I mean the easter bunny) a hamster set up. Well, she used her allowance to buy food and a hamster. ALL SET, right? Then she convinced her brother to get one too. She named hers Lightning and he named his John. Well, soon, someone left the cage open and John was gone. Eventually, The Evil One got a new hamster and named him John 2. Well, things are going well until the boy lived up to his evil moniker. He took Lightning out of the cage and lost it. Now, we have two hamsters running free somewhere in our house. Of course with a cat and two dogs, if they aren't in the walls, they are dead. Well, fast forward to earlier this week. I get a text message that John 2 is dead. Apparently the girl left the cage open and the cat killed it. Luckily the girl didn't see all the gory details, but she was traumatized anyway. Well, I really started to like the darn rodents, so I bought replacements today. Great, I let them pick out their own and we were all happy with a new location for their cage that was boy proof and cat proof. Fast forward to midnight (right now). I have been holding John 3 most of the evening. He is probably going to die. He is a gorgeous gray. At the store, he was active and in the box home, he was playful. Now, he is laying around and breathing weird. I'm nearly in tears over this. The boy is worried, but he is trying to convince himself it's just tired. I hope he's right. The boy went to bed, and I've sat and tried to get the hamster to come around. All the websites don't list symptoms that fit everything here, except possibly a stroke. WHAT? Seriously? Anyway, the girl hasn't named hers yet, but it's so freaking active it's probably ran 5 miles already on the wheel. Anyway, I'm afraid to stop my vigil, but I'm so tired. I am sure if he's not with us in the morning I will cry. I mean, I've only had him here for a few hours, but I can't handle it. Update in the morning.