Sunday, October 12, 2008


If you've read this blog at all, you will know that both my kids have October birthdays. Thankfully, we've finished up the party insanity. Corey's birthday was last Monday with her party the Saturday before. She had a really fun party. When I asked her what they were going to do she said, "Play Rock Band." I thought that might work for a bit, but I wasn't sure it would entertain everyone. Well, it did and we also tie dyed t-shirts. She got tons of gift cards and we got her a digital camera. She has been quite excited about that. Anyway, we sent the boys home at 8pm and the girls slept over. Pure insanity, but I think they had fun.

Amory's party was today and his actual birthday will be Tuesday. He's been asking for legos and that's what he got. We worried because he is such a mess. However, I think it's a good idea for him. He needs to work on his fine motor skills and even though this isn't writing, it will help. He definitely has the attention span for it. His party was a pirate party. I had color sheets and we painted bandannas. (Firefox says that is spelled right, but it looks funny).

I'm trying to think back to my birthdays as a kid. I don't really remember much. Is it because we did things on a smaller scale when we were kids? Or do we just really not remember all this effort our parents put in. I'm hoping for my own sake it's that we just didn't go as big when I was a kid. I remember going to McDonalds as a kid for my birthday and my friends came and we had presents. I don't think we had the real party though. I think it was more of a come and eat and hang out. I don't even remember handing out invites. Who knows.