Monday, March 10, 2008


I think I'm down to posting monthly. I haven't been too busy, just too lazy!

This weekend we had decent weather and not much going on. Our kids got free meals at On the Border from the dentist so that's where we ate lunch Saturday. Then off to Amory's last indoor soccer game. I haven't updated the kids' sport website, but he loved soccer. His main thing was he got a trophy. Poor kid didn't feel so great at the game though. He was seriously walking from one side of the court to the other and the ball would be zooming by.

Yesterday, we went out to eat and then after we settled a bit, we took the dog for a walk around the lake. The dog is impossible to walk on the regular collar, but we got him a harness and he's amazing. I already love this dog because he fetches, and now he goes for a walk! We are working on sit and stay. Sit works usually, stay, not so much.

Today, I did my weekly volunteer thing with my daughter's 4th grade. It's always fun. I go in for math. One kid in her class drives me nuts though. He's smart, but he keeps telling everyone how he's so smart. WHO CARES? Then he was getting the math questions wrong, so that's funny. My kid though, she's smart too. However, she missed a question and started crying. I wish there was a way to get her to not need to be perfect. I'm certain that is why she wants to quit so many things.