Monday, July 30, 2007

Today is National Cheesecake Day!

I wish I had the $$ to go get me some too. Man I love cheesecake. I do NOT like the jello kind. I'll eat it for the flavor if desperate, but I don't eat gelatin generally so anyway. What kind of cheesecake do I like? Well, there is the obvious plain. I like them alot. I use lemon zest in mine and it gives it a bit more tang. Yummy. I will eat those with berries (raspberry is my least fave). I have tried banana cream, dulce le leche caramel (VERY sweet, but yummo), chocolate chip, and chocolate (I've made one and it was good). Now I could sit and drool on the cheesecake factory's menu all day. I really NEED to get myself to one of those places. I don't even need dinner. I'd eat dessert all day. Ok, but my FAVORITE cheesecake is pumpkin cheesecake. I make this (along with regular pumpkin pie) every thanksgiving. I could eat it non-stop. Seriously, I love pumpkin, but in cheesecake it's even better.

Do you like cheesecake? What kinds? Flavors you've tried and didn't like?

Super heroness

Last post on this topic (at least for today). I've decided to pick super powers, BECAUSE if I pick the magical powers like Harry Potter (which are cool) you have regulations. If you pick ones like the Xanth novels, you may end up with a lame one based on what you are born with. (Of course I did say you could chose your power, but whatever). So, I'm going with Marvel Girl/Phoenix the Rachel Summers Phoenix, not Jean Grey ultimately they are the same powers, just Rachel is cooler and has Cyclops for a dad. I am partial to the red hair. Her powers are listed as :Omega Level
Unlimited telepathic and telekinetic abilities, small fragment of the Phoenix force and residual Phoenix power, time traveling abilities. Basically she can do whatever she wants. :)

how did I get the powers? I have X-men powers, they are genetic.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Magic Power vs. Super Power (an essay on my dorkiness)

Don't you hate it when someone else makes you think? Over at Corky's Log there is a post about another post at Cynical_Bastard's (which was actually interesting and I may start following that blog too) about which would you rather have magical powers or super powers.

Well, interestingly most people said magical. I say interesting here even though it's NOT all that interesting if you are thinking of Harry Potter powers. You can do almost anything with magical powers like in the Harry Potter books. All the everyday crap you have to do like cooking and cleaning would be a flick of the wrist. Transportation? The Flue Network is cool, hop in the fireplace and go to someone else's fireplace. But apparating would be great. You could NEVER be late for work. 6:59, pop, I'm at work. Leaving at the last minute is OK (yeah, I leave late daily. I'm addicted to the internet.)

However, what kind of magic are you talking about when you make a blanket statement like "Would you like magical powers or super powers?" One series of books that I LOVE is the Xanth Series by Piers Anthony. He has magical characters. However, most of them have ONE magical ability. There is a girl who can change the color of her hair and her twin sister that can change the color of other peoples' hair. Ok, there are good talents too, like Bink has the talent of protection from magic. Dolph can change his form; which is cool too. But seriously, what's the point in having a talent like changing your eye color. While cool, it's not particularly useful.

Then there are super powers. What is a super power? Like the United States? No, like a super hero. But just because you are a super hero (or even super villain) you don't necessarily have a power. Seriously, Batman has no super power. He is the best of everything. He's extremely smart, agile, and obviously strong. I think he's a ninja or something (actually, I don't know much about Batman Begins as I fell asleep for the movie, but I heard something about ninjas). Green Lantern doesn't have a power, he has a magic ring that gives him power (different rings get their power differently). And not to just pick on DC comics, I'll look at some Marvel people too. Captain America, like Batman, is ultimately an amazing human that trained himself to be above and beyond everyone else.

And then how do the ones with powers get them? Does it matter? If it comes from a symbiotic suit (Venom), you were born with it mutant style(most of the X-men), an experiment gone wrong (Hulk, Morbius), a weapon made by the government (well, he was a mutant first but he THOUGHT he was a weapon - Wolverine), a mishap of some sort like being bit by a spider or a space accident (Spidey, Fantastic Four) or an alien (Superman) does it matter? I guess not.

But seriously, I think the real questions are: If you could have a power of some sort what would it be and how did you get this power? Would you use it for good, evil, or just everyday stuff like doing the dishes? Would you be part of a team or a loner?

(I'll make another post when I decide what my answers would be).

ok editted (apparently I have a bad side)

Don't worry, I'm looking for a good super hero one too. Maybe even gi joes and star wars too.

What house are you sorted in

Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?

Back with what GI Joe are you. I got Snake Eyes which rules because he's the coolest. When we were kids, I was always either Snake Eyes or Flint (did you know Flint was a Kansan?)

Your Score: Snake-Eyes

You scored 64% Initiative and 91% Combat Prowess!

Expert in 12 Fighting systems? Master of all edged weapons? Commando status? You are perhaps the most deadliest member of the team. You have combined the best of both worlds...ancient and modern forms of combat. On top of that you have a high moral code...probably why him and "Scarlett" are in love. You saved her life but in exchange became a mute and had your face heavily disfigured...

Link: The Which G.I. Joe Character R U Test written by Simple_Man on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

Marvel character?

You scored as Gambit, Born on the bayou, Remy LeBeau is a Cajun theif who seeks to avenge the death of his family. You are a kindhearted person who is not afraid to mix it up and bend the rules a bit.



Mr. Fantastic




Dr. Octopus














Which Marvel Comic Character are you?
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DC character
You scored as The Joker, You are The Joker!
You are a psychopath! Corrupt to the core, you enjoy causing pain and suffering. You will get your way or people will get hurt. Although you HATE those that oppose you, you do enjoy the challenge and will fight back for fun!

The Joker


Wonder Woman








The Green Lantern


The Flash




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And finally Starwars

You scored as Darth Maul, You are fairly quiet but speaking is unimportant, for your actions speak volumes. You have a fair number of tattoos, but that's okay, because they look cool. Now if only you could find a really good surgeon to sow you back together.

Darth Maul


Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader




Han Solo




Padme Amidala


Luke Skywalker


Boba Fett


Leia Organa


Obi-Wan Kenobi


Which Star Wars character would you be? (pics)
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Monday, July 23, 2007

what's up?

not much.

Did you read the new Harry Potter yet? I did and really enjoyed it. I'm not going to give away anything, but I'd be happy to discuss it in emails. Anyway, I read it this weekend as soon as I got it. I had a long weekend, so I was tired, but I kept reading anyway. Only thing I regret is that it's over. I half wish I would have slowed down and savored every page. Oh well, I suppose I can re-read it.

This weekend, I also read the first two books in the spiderwick series by Holly Black. I think there are 5 books in that series. A movie is coming out based on these books (I'd say they are geared for 3rd to 5th grade, but I'm not good at judging). I intend to read the last 3 as soon as possible so I can get them out of the way before the movie comes out.

Speaking of movies and Harry Potter and stuff what books will fans read now? What books will be made into movies? Like I said, Spiderwick is good. Other series for young readers that are in the fantasy vein that I have read include Septimus Heap, The Bartimaeus Trilogy, and Artemis Fowl and Charlie Bone. I also enjoyed Wrinkle in Time (and will pick up the others in that series.) Also, be sure to check out the Cornelia Funke books, I hear they are great too.

Spiderwick is about 3 children who find a book about a "fantastical world". Because of this book, they end up having many adventures including meeting brownies, fairies, and trolls.

Septimus Heap is the series that I can see younger Harry Potter fans looking to. It's about a wizard family and Septimus is the 7th son of a 7th son. He is believed dead, but he isn't. The adventures are just begining.

Bartimaeus is interesting. Another young magician with family problems. This boy summons a djinni (genie).

Artemis is my favorite. He's NOT a wizard or a magician or anything like that. He's just insanely smart! He has many adventures involving the faeries and other magical creatures.

Charlie Bone has a power from being a descendant of the red king. His power is hearing thoughts or conversations in photographs. These books are easy and not as good as Harry Potter. BUT, I think kids would like it way more than adults.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

a funny kid said

So, we are at the restaurant. There is a fly in the window sill and the kids are poking it and proclaiming it alive and then dead. SEVERAL MILLION TIMES seemingly. Well, it's alive. So anyway, Corey said, "I think it's been sterilized". I'm sorry to say, I laughed my butt off. After I calmed down, I asked her if she meant paralyzed and told her that sterilized meant he was either never having kids again (which is the version that popped in my head making me laugh so hard) or so super clean he could perform surgery. I also defined paralyzed. She nodded slowly and smiled like, "yeah, I got it." And said she meant he was her doctor and he wasn't having any more babies anyway.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday the 13th

Well for those of you that know me, you may now that I'm not superstitious. In fact, I've always loved Friday the 13th because it IS Friday after all. Today was the exception! I didn't even remember it WAS the 13th. So, anyway for reasons I'm not getting into right now, we didn't have electricity last night. We slept like crud with no air and the boy being afraid of the dark. Oh well, that worked out. I thought, what the heck, I'll get to work early, I can't go online or anything. Guess what! We drove my vehicle when we went out yesterday. Kenny used my keys and never gave them back. It was before 7, so I knew he wasn't at work yet and I called him. He brought my keys to me and I was still leaving in time to be ON TIME. Well, I get in my car and head one direction, he heads the other. My car dies on the wrong side of the street for parking on, just half a block away. SO, I immediately call Kenny whose phone went straight to voice mail. I call again. Nothing. Call my mom thinking my step-dad would be there since it's his DAY OFF! But NO, the guy doesn't take days off. He gets a day off from his job and goes to work with a friend. Call good old husband and cuss out his voice mail. So, I figure out what was wrong with the car when I got out and see a huge puddle and notice it really smells like gasoline. I stand back and see a hose under the car dripping. I decide to check it out and see if I could figure out what it was, and my mom drives up while I'm contemplating the hose. Well there was this nice shiny part under there. I knew that my husband and step dad had changed something to do with the fuel line. (it's a fuel filter I hear) Anyway, so I got it figured out. Thankfully it didn't take long because I kept trying to start it at first and when you turn on the ignition of a fuel injected car, gas starts flowing. Anyway, called husband's work before figuring it out and he SAYS he can't do anything and he might be able to leave work in about a half hour. Yeah that helps! NOT. So anyway, I walk home to find a screwdriver. My mom pulls into the drive way to give me a ride to my car. Ok, it's three houses down, but ok. So, anyway, I got it fixed, got bird shit on my arm and my other arm is soaked in gas. The freaking gas that cost about $3.10 a gallon. I kept thinking how much money was on the ground.

So, I made it to work and couldn't stop shaking. Too much adrenaline. But, my stepdad finally calls my mom's cell and tells her something. She said, "I want you to tell Nikki that." and hands me the phone. He said, "I bet it was leaking fuel behind the driver side rear tire, wasn't it?" He KNEW it might not be tight enough. They didn't have a screw driver to do it, so they did it with pliers and HOPED it would work. So, of course they were on my shit list for awhile.

Luckily, the rest of the day was good. Oh, and we played kickball at the park and my team of ragtag 5 to 8 year olds beat the other kids - even though their teacher was sure they would win.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Movies of the last 25 years

71%The Movie Quiz - Movie Reviews

Well, I haven't seen them all! What about you?


When we bought a house, I was excited to be able to have a dog. I wanted an older dog from the shelter. Well, my mom takes my son to a breeders house who just happened to have a dog that was old and retired. We could have her (if we got her fixed). She's a Jack Russell Terrier. Good dog, too. She definitely has old lady attitude.

Well, fairly recently, my cousin tells us that his dogs were going to have puppies. His male was a dachshund/min pin. His female- pitbull/rot. So I say, OH THAT might be a cool puppy. Guess what, they had ONE puppy. It is cute. Guess who owns his dumb butt? Me. He is a definite puppy. Very crazy and goofy. Hope he calms down SOMETIME!

Now, my mom raises min pins. RAT DOGS! She ends up giving one to my daughter. Ok, it's kinda cute and it's not annoying like his mom and sister. (I don't know if it's breed specific or just them, but the females are horrible).

Ok, so this AM they all get out of the fence. The two younger ones found a way out. They took off. I can hear them on the wrong side of the house as I'm getting dressed. So, not dressed, I have to go out to chase two dogs. So, I open the gate and out runs the third. Well, she came back right away. Finally get the rat dog. My daughter comes out to help, and she's down the block. Apparently, the dog ran all the way down the street. The neighbor lady says "I feel for you." I know she does because her dogs do the same thing. At least our neighborhood isn't ultra picky about this stuff. But how the hell did I get 3 dogs???

Friday, July 6, 2007

Now that you are a mom shouldn't you dress better?

I mean, really? This was the most annoying question I remember from being pregnant with my first child. Oh, it ranks up there with something about my hair. AND, if you know me, you know that I'm not a "traditional" type of person. I mean the name ntaspnkasu that is the screen name of this blog translates to "not as punk as you". I cut my hair how I want and at this time it's long for me at nearly 3 inches. Oh, and I'm sure someone would probably like me to change my musical taste and stuff like that too. But, I digress, so...

I didn't know there was a mom dress code. I even bet you can't guess who asked me if I was going to start dressing better. No, not my boss even though I did work in the same place during both of my pregnancies. Work place dress codes ARE common, but that's got nothing to do with parenthood. Yeah, you got it. Good old mom. You would think that mom's would support you. She did and does on so many things. BUT, she has a definite on how things should be. Apparently, moms don't wear converse all stars or tshirts. Those boots have to go. Don't you know that it's an INSULT to say, "Your momma wears combat boots"? Anyway, why should a mom be your only definition? I want to be a mom, a wife, a teacher, a writer, a student, a music lover, an opinionated woman, and just plain ME.

As a side note, you don't have to wear "mom jeans" just because you are a mom. It's ok. Your belly button does NOT need to be covered by jeans. Your waist is NOT your belly button. T-shirts are fine for just hanging out. They are fine for work if you are used to making messes with 5 year olds all day. They are fine for seeing a band play. And sorry, I will NOT pay tons of money for shoes or purses.

Oh and a question I didn't actually hear, but was told that it was asked, "Is their kid going to be born with colored hair, tattoos, and piercings?" When I heard that one, I was offended as I don't have any of that stuff, and neither did my husband. But I didn't let that show. I said, "Gosh, I hope so. I hope genetics has nothing to do with anything and I get a kid with green hair." It was his sister-in-law though, so whatever. We are the freaks in both families, WHATEVER (favorite word in case you can't tell).

Anyway check this out:
Don’t you wish you could have just handed them this?

Read more at the Parent Blogger Blog Blast today. Seriously, I read a ton of these and just nodded and laughed. I swear I related to so many of these!