Monday, May 19, 2008

How's it goin'?

Well, things are good here. We've been running amok with the summer ball going on. I just posted about it on my kids sport blog. We got the kids' schedules for games and they are all on the same days of course. So, we have to miss a bit of each of the kids' games. It will all be running all summer long.

The kids get out of school on Thursday and I think they are looking forward to summer. I know Corey is, but Amory really loves school and his friends. They are both looking forward to being at the pool all summer long though. I do plan to keep them reading and stuff like that this summer. I don't like the summer slide, and I won't let it happen! They will come in next year at or above where they leave this year in reading and hopefully math.

So, this weekend, we went to a birthday party for one of Amory's friends. He was the only kindergartener going on the diving boards. The nut was also going off the highboard before any of the 4th graders would go off it. The kid is so insanely me it's not funny. His sister is so her dad. She watched the other kids go off the boards. I was always a swimmer and was always on the boards.

Sunday we went to Corey's second softball game. The team they played was pretty well matched with us. The only problem was one of their pitchers had some amazing power, and no control. She hit 4 of our girls. One girl had to get a pinch runner. It was insane. A new thing was our umpire let us steal first on a dropped 3rd strike. Corey struck out and went to 1st, but was mad at the strike out. Anyway, we don't know if that rule will stand up in the future games. It seriously confused our girls.

Monday, May 5, 2008


Nothing here. Last night, I went to a friend's house to play cards. We used to do that all the time ages ago. Finally we got back to it. So, we sat around and we were talking about one of our old friends that moved away that used to play with us. So, we texted her Kansas number. She (allegedly) replied back. That was funny because she told me she was keeping that number, but no one believed me. We had pizza. I ate some with pineapple. The one boy always gets that and now I like it. People new to our weirdness say, "Oh, you mean with ham or canadian bacon?" No, we mean no meat, just pineapple, it's GOOD. So, that was Sunday.

Saturday, we went and watched a friend's baseball game. They are 9 and they played one of the 10 year old teams. They didn't do too bad, but you can definitely see the difference a year makes. It was so cold Saturday morning, I couldn't believe it. Oh well, we got popcorn. After that, Corey had softball (I'll post about softball and karate over at the kids' sport blog which no one really reads, but I enjoy it so who cares.) We both got a lot of sun for how cold it was. But, my mom took us to eat a late lunch.

Friday was my last "vacation" day. We didn't really do anything all week, and Friday was even worse, I didn't do any house work like I'd planned. Oh well.

Thursday we went to a different kid's baseball game. They are good. The exciting part was the weird Kansas weather. We stopped at the gas station to get fuel and drinks (Corey was to have softball and she needed a gatorade). So, I pay at the pump and go inside where the kids already had picked out drinks (and were looking at snacks). I hear something weird and look out and it's HAILING. Golf ball sized chunks of ice were pelting towards the earth. Luckily, my jeep was under the gas pump's awning, not that it would matter. But, anyway, I try to pay for our drinks and food. My card is declined. I was furious, I knew I had money. I told him to throw out my gatorade because I'd already drank from it. He gave me and Amory our drinks because Amory had a fountain and mine was opened. So, I go to the ATM and of course, had money. I got $10 and went back and got the darn snacks and Corey's drink. Seems that this flash storm knocked out their whole system. By that time it wasn't raining and it looked sunny to the west. So, we headed to the game where it didn't even rain! So, we come back to town for Corey's practice and no one was at the field she was practicing. Turns out they canceled because of lightning and such. How weird on different sides of town there was completely different weather.

Wednesday was my birthday. We didn't do anything, which is fine. However, I boycotted the whole McDonalds thing that we always do on Wednesday (karate). We went to Pepperjax. I called in the order, and guess what, it wasn't even started before I got there. I was pissed. Turned out ok for me since I got a $5 gift card.