Saturday, September 29, 2007

Yeah, I watch tv - ALOT

I honestly don't watch live tv very much EXCEPT Heroes but I record that too. DVR RULES. So, I had to look up the shows to see what night they are on.

Monday: How I Met Your Mother -I love this show. I laugh at most episodes. Big Bang Theory - Ok, it's new, but I thought what the heck. I liked it I don't know how long it will last though. Most people don't get the geeky humor and sadly, that means they'll pull it. Two and a Half Men - I have always loved Charlie Sheen, so that's an automatic for me. Everybody Hates Chris- Love Chris Rock, and this kid could actually BE him. Too funny. Heroes - NEVER miss this show. I let my daughter stay up late to watch it. We turn it on after 2 and a half men and then we can just skip the commercials. I could probably make a whole post just about Heroes. Journeyman- I watched the premiere of this and liked it. It's very Quantum Leap-ish, but different enough to not think it's copying.
Oh and honorable mention: Chuck- I can't fit it in unless I drop Chris, and I know that they repeat Chris a lot but I just don't know. I watched this Saturday night and liked it a lot. I have to decide by tomorrow! We'll see. I originally thought it was on Tuesdays.

Tuesday: I'm going to check out Carpoolers - who knows, it might be good. I have no desire to watch cavemen. Are you serious? A whole show? The commercials are bad enough. I would watch a geico gecko commercial for 30 minutes MAYBE. Law and Order SVU- I never miss this either. I like the oh and I record Murder on Spike. It's interesting, and since I like the crime shows, I get into this. Reaper I liked it so much. I love Kevin Smith, this was very much like his normal stuff, but at the same time, it was very much it's own thing. Funny stuff though.

Wednesday: Trying out Pushing Daisies - I think this one looks really good. I can't wait to watch it. It's added to my DVR, we'll see if it stays. Then I watch Ghost Hunters- This is actually #1 on my DVR priority list. I'm not home on Wednesdays until late, but I will come in and watch this before bed EVERY time. I even watch repeats of it sometimes. Criminal Minds - I love Mandy Patinkin. I'll miss seeing him on the show, and I'm actually nervous to see what happens in the 2nd episode. CSI: New York- Love this CSI. Most people don't like it as much. Maybe because it's grittier. I personally can't stand Miami. Miami's filming is weird to me and I really hate David Caruso. On the other hand, I like the New York one and really like Gary Sinise. Haunted- is on after ghost hunters on Sci-fi and my husband is recording that, so I'll watch it too. I'm watching the first one now.

Thursday: Without a Trace and CSI -I like this original one. Not interested in the whole Grissom/Sara love thing, but still. Scrubs - one of the best comedies around right now. Have you noticed there AREN'T a lot of comedies anyway. Weird. And I checked into big shots- it was OK I guess. I took it off my DVR list though. I guess if you like deperate housewives you'd like it. It was definitely a serial drama. I like the actors, I've always like Titus. But, I just don't like this kind of drama.

Friday: Last year I watched Men in Trees -and I'll probably watch it still when it comes back. I so see myself getting bored with it though. Moonlight was awesome. It was one that was a TRIAL basis on my list. I am so keeping it. I'm all about the vampires! I loved the film noir feel of this show too.

Weekends: who knows, I guess Law and Order, Shark, whatever oh and football. Oh, and fox on Sundays!!

Other shows I record are : It's always Sunny in Philadelphia on fx and Law and Order CI will be on USA and I have to change my schedule thing for that. Ace of Cakes on Food, Myth Busters on Discovery, Human Weapon on history, Pros vs. Joes on f/x

I think that's it, but I never catch up.

Friday, September 21, 2007


No idea what is going on in this town, but the vomiting must stop. Two staff went home with it yesterday. A few others called in, I have no idea what was wrong with them. One person called in because her son was vomiting. Well, last week at the kids' school there were FOUR kids sick in the lunch room in ONE day. That was the day I visited. Glad I missed it all! One of the kids was in my son's class, but I must have been at recess already by the time that happened. Anyway, yesterday at work was INSANE. We have to keep ratios in each room depending on age group. Luckily, it went ok as far as that goes because seriously, it could have been worse.

During quiet time though, I worked on Amory's invitations for his party. He's having a Halloween Party. Costumes "encouraged". I need to order him some crafts for the party. Gotta have a plan. They may play outside, but you never know what the weather will be like in October.

Monday, September 17, 2007

oh and

On the fun side. Yesterday, I took the kids to their first comic con. It was a small one here in town called freecon and they got to look at stuff and get free comics. Corey wanted to see artists and there was only one actually drawing, but she got to see how fast he drew. Amory has completely outgrown the super hero thing I think. He went more towards star wars. Corey really wanted a poster. She ended up getting ultimate x-men. It was funny because neither kid knew more than superman and batman in the DC comics. Kinda sad though.

Speaking of that have you seen the I'm a Marvel, and I'm a DC videos? Funny!


I haven't been to the blog world in AGES. I guess I just took a break for no reason! I haven't read a blog or wrote one in WEEKS. I'm trying to catch back up now.

What have we done since the end of August? Not much really. Right now, we are planning birthdays for both kids. They have October birthdays. Corey is going to invite a couple friends to Worlds of Fun. It's an amusement park over in Kansas City. Honestly, taking a few friends there will PROBABLY be cheaper than getting somewhere rented for a party.

Amory is having a halloween party. I'm all about that. Usually I pull the lazy, buy a cake thing. I'm SO making this cake. I am doing something layered and pumpkin on top and going for bleeding too. I WILL take pics of that one. I'm stoked. I may have to make one now next week to try it out.