Tuesday, April 29, 2008

So it's prom season

And normally I don't even think about it more than noticing that there are dresses in the windows of the department store. Also, it's usually around my birthday, so I might notice it because it's my birthday (tomorrow). However, this year, Sunshine has on her blog a blog prom. That and my 10 year old LOVES prom dresses.

Yesterday was to come up with songs. I actually had to struggle to figure out any songs. Finally, I looked up what songs were popular back then that they MAY have played. I know they didn't play Quiet Riot's Come on Feel the Noise, those crazy kids kept saying "Girls fuck your boys" whenever it came on. Oh, and I'm sure everyone thought they were so smart. They also didn't play Billy Idol's Mony Mony people randomly would say... Well, if you were ever at a dance where they played it you know. I've heard that you can see Billy Idol mouthing something on the live version of the song. I don't remember that though, but technically, Vital Idol came out when I was really not that old. So, whatever. But, I kept thinking of what they may have played Bryan Adams' Everything I Do. I swear every "couple" said that was their song in those days.

So, basically the music at prom was probably crap. But, I did go.

What memories do I have of prom in general? In Hiawatha (that's where I lived in my high school years. I don't usually call it home town, but that was my high school home), we had banquet that was hosted by the juniors. This was a dinner at the Elks or something. I don't know. I'm sure the hometown people there would remember what it's called, I just remember it was on the end of 7th street. Anyway, no out of town guests can go to this (by out of town they mean people not in our school. You see, we could invite people from other schools and even graduates, but not sophomores or freshman.) Anyway, after banquet, you go to the prom at the National Guard Armory. That's where the juniors would decorate every chance they got the week before prom. And then after that was after prom. You got to go home, change, and get back to play games and stuff like that. You also won prizes. Ok, so in Hiawatha, all there is to do normally is go cruising. So, that's what we did as sophomores. We also took water guns. That didn't make prom goers happy, but what did we care.

Ok, so junior year. I went with a couple friends. The one girl's dad owned the ford lot, so we got a mustang convertible to drive. AWESOME. So, we rolled up and our dad's were in the crowd (the town shows up and takes pics). They gave us corsages escorted us to the door and Jennifer's dad parked the car. People had to park their own cars, so we were lucky to go in as a group. Then we ate a crappy ass dinner that was roast beef and green beans, and who knows what else. Then we went to the dance and hung out some more. After the dance, we went to the after prom party. Let me tell you now. I wanted my hair down. I don't have the picture from that prom, but it was bad. My mom just thought you HAD to have everything done. I hated every second of it. Also, I'm not a dress person, but that was fine. My hair was waterproof, combproof, you name it. So, I went to APP in jeans and freaky hair. I think in the raffle I won $20. Oh, and then we went to St. Joe, MO for breakfast and home to sleep.

Senior prom was almost exactly the same. I forced my boyfriend, Kenny to go. You may recognize the name since he's my husband now. He didn't go to his, but oh well, he must have not been too traumatized. He's still here (and grumbles about proms still). Anyway, I tried to inform the hairstylist to NOT screw my hair up, but she did. Apparently, I am the only person who thinks that hairspray and prom do NOT need to go together. So, again crazy hair and jeans to APP. This time I won jumper cables, so that's not bad either. It's not a TV, but oh well. Anyway, that's it. I don't need to worry about proms again for a few years. Here in Lawrence, they only do a senior prom. But, of course, you can go if you are younger if someone asks you. I hope I don't need to worry about that until Corey's senior year though. Seriously.