Monday, January 12, 2009


So, I was volunteering in the 5th grade classroom today. I do it every Monday afternoon. (I go to 1st grade in the mornings, they just didn't need me today.) While I'm sitting there, this boy asks me what's my dream. I must have looked blank because he then clarified it by saying, "What do you want from life, you know, your dream."

It's been about 2 hours since he asked me that question, and he continued with, "do you want to be a millionaire, do you want...." until the teacher told him to get back to work. Two hours later, I don't know the answer. When I was little, I wanted to be a doctor. Then I wanted to be a photographer, a musician, a football player for the Chicago Bears, a jedi (yes, the boy gets it from me), a ninja, a Marine or a SEAL, a bartender. Basically, there were a million things I wanted to be and most of them had nothing to do with any of the others. But, what about now. What do I want from life?

I think my life is pretty decent. Sure, more money would be awesome, but what's the trade off? Would I need a different job, or maybe a second job? I'm not willing to do that. What about jobs? Would I want a different job? Right now, I'm happy with my work. Sure, there are tons of things that I can't stand, but I've worked enough to know that all jobs have bad points. My job though, has so many good points, I'm not trading. Just the job part of it alone is great. I work 40 hours, have holidays, vacation, no weekends or evenings, and I only work 4 days! I like it. Also, they are really good about letting us have time off for kid functions if needed. Then, lets look at what I do all day. I teach. What's better than that. You get to experience the joy of learning every day. Sure, some days it could be just the fact that they finally figured out that if you stack big blocks on the bottom, a structure stands better than on little blocks, but that's fine. Then there is the potential you see with so many of the kids is amazing. I have one kid that is so enthralled with anything in the animal kingdom especially bugs. I can see him being a scientist. Also, as you teach, you learn. Thinking again about my budding scientist, this is especially true. He will find something and want to know what it is. We will do research to find out what it is and as much about it as possible. The main thing that he was researching was butterflies and moths during the summer.

Then there is family. My two kids can be a challenge, but they are a lot of fun that I wouldn't change for anything. I also have a great husband. Sure, they all make me crazy once in a while, but ultimately, they are awesome. AND they all put up with me.

So, while I may have given up on my "dreams", I'm sure I'll be fine.

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